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Buyers’ Guide for Water Purifier

All of us want to be safe from the harmful diseases that are being transmitted these days through many sources, isn’t it? The most common source in today’s time is water, a lot of harmful diseases are affecting the world because the water is not clean and pure. We consume contaminated water regularly and become prone to water-borne diseases, this major problem has only one-stop solution, and that is Water Purifiers. This helps us to be safe from all the dangerous water-borne diseases by cleaning the impurities present in the water.

Now, in this world, where business is the only priority, you should go for the brand that keeps your safety first and has all the best qualities that should be in-built in a water purifier. It becomes a very daunting task for customers to choose the best water purifier for themselves, they get confused about what points to consider while purchasing one. But, you don’t have to worry anymore, because, here we will provide you with some of the best attributes that you should consider while purchasing the best water purifiers.

Factors to consider before purchasing a water purifier

Water Quality

The first thing you should check is the water quality of your locality. If the quality of your water has high TDS level, is more hard and is highly saline, then you should go for the RO water purifier. These purifiers come with a technology that can remove even the smallest particles from your water, it will remove the tiniest of dissolved salt, impurities and metals from the water

Storage Ability

Another important point to be reflected upon while buying a water purifier is that you should check the storage capacity of the purifier. If you live in a locality that faces power cuts every now and then, then you should go for the one that had high storage capacity. The automatic water purifiers start the process of purification as soon as their water level goes down. So, the water purifiers with high storage capacity will provide you with the availability of water for a longer period of time and you won’t face any kind of problems during power cuts.


This is also one of the integral points to reflect upon while purchasing a water purifier. Certified water purifiers are completely trustworthy, so you need to check that whether the water purifier that you are purchasing is certified or not. These water purifiers are also authentic. For instance, KENT has been provided by some high-quality certifications like the NSF, ICI and many more.


Now, nobody of us like to spend more on the maintenance of the purifier than we actually spent on purchasing the purifier itself, right? So, go for the water purifier with low maintenance because it takes a lot of expenditure on the ones who require frequent maintenance and that is not worth it.

Customer and sales service

This is one point that you should keep in mind because you might need assistance about something for your purifier then the customer service should be good and accessible enough to provide you with the proper solution, they should be available 24*7 for your assistance. And, also, the after sales service of the purifier should be considered because, if the after services of your water purifier is poor then you might face a lot of problems if something goes wrong with your water purifier.

Regular usage

Another point you should ponder upon before purchasing a water purifier is the daily or regular usage of water in your family. Think about the fact that whether you need a purifier for just the drinking purpose or for everything else, and if your regular consumption is high, then you would require a purifier of high power that would allow you to filter or purify a large amount of water and if your consumption is low, then you must opt for a small water purifier. Check the size of your family and your consumption of water, the choose the type of water purifier that you need


This is the point we all are concerned about, go with the water purifier that does not burn a hole in your pocket. Because, after purchasing the water purifier, you also have to take some of its services which also costs a bit. So, keep this in mind while purchasing a water purifier, go for the one that is less- expensive yet effective.

Types of purification technology

There are many types of process available in water purifiers to purify the water. You must be familiar with quite a few like the RO, UV and UF.

  1. RO- This stands for Reverse Osmosis Treatment and takes the assistance of its semi-permeable membrane to wash out or extract all the tiniest impurities, metals and salt from your water.
  • UV- The second purification technology is the UV, which stands for Ultraviolet water purification system. This takes the assistance of the UV rays to kill all the germs and harmful bacteria present in the water
  • UF- This stands for ultrafiltration, that takes the help of hydrostatic pressure to remove all the bacteria and germs from the water

There are many more types of purification technology that you can go through and purchase according to your requirement. These are very necessary to be checked before purchasing a water purifier.

Bottom line

Water is our most basic necessity, and consuming it in the right way is our responsibility. Water purifiers help us consume it in the best way and saves us from all the harmful bacteria, germs and deadly water-borne diseases. Choose the water purifier that is the best for you and your family’s health.

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