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Slogans on Saving Water

We have added popular slogans on saving water to spread awareness and encourage everyone to save water. Let’s join our hands in spreading awareness on water saving.

Save Water

Here are popular slogans on saving water

1. “The best present that you can give to all the coming generations is water.”

2. “SAVE WATER today, the world will be in your hands tomorrow.”

3. “Save water, and it will always save you.”

4. “A slogan on water has to be slogan on life.”

5. “Water teaches lessons that the rest of the world will not.”

6. “Water is a gift from our creator, Protect it and Respect it!”

7. “No matter, how rich you are, you are dead without water.”

8. “Do this planet a favor, Be a warrior water saver.”

9. “There is only one way to save water. And, it starts with you.”

10. “Do your children a favor and be tomorrow’s life saver. WATER!”

11. “Save water for your children.. and everyone else’s.”

12. “Save water. Once gone, it won’t come back.”

13. “You never know the worth of precious water until the taps runs dry.”

14. “You can’t count water, but every drop of water counts!”

15. “There is life in every drop of water.”

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Save Water

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16. “Save water and water will save you.”

17. “Let’s be a water saving warrior!!!”

18. “Life starts with water, everything else will follow.”

19. “To See the Future, Save the Sea.”

20. “We need everyone’s hand, to save water, sky and land.”

21. “Wanted: Water that doesn’t kill.”

22. “Water is more precious than Gold, because it is life.”

23. “I have stopped wasting water – Have you?”

24. “If Water is Life, then should we not fight for it?”

25. “Ask the importance of water to a man when he is thirsty.”

26. “Go green today to drink clean tomorrow.”

27. “Use your brain and save water during the rain.”

28. “Without water you are zero.”

29. “Water is a priceless gift, Save it to secure the future.”

30. “Rich or poor; everyone needs water to survive.”

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Save water

31. “Put a STOP to the every Water DROP.”

32. “Get your grip to Stop that drip.”

33. “When the flow is slow, you will save H2O.”

34. “Water makes you Smarter!”

35. “Be water wise more than penny wise!”

36. “Be a Water Warrior!”

37. “Money can’t buy happiness.. and lost water.”

38. “If you forget to save water, it will take revenge.”

39. “If you waste a drop of water, you will be finished for single drop of water.”

40. “You can’t live even for few days without water.”

41. “We all have to save water. You, me, everyone.”

42. “Water! Save it before you need it.”

43. “Save Water and earth will thank you.”

44. “Water is essence of life, save water today!”

45. “Water is the soul of earth, don’t kill both.”

46. “Keep calm & adore water.”

47. “Keep calm & purify water.”

48. “Warm welcome you deserve, if you conserve.”

49. “Water run in our veins. Blood is just a by-product.”

50. “Water is the mother of life. “

51. “Don’t forget to save water. If only you are a little smarter.”

52. “Save water today, keep destruction away.”

53. “Water is a natural resource. Save it with full force.”

54. “Save every drop every single day every single time.“

55. “Take a pause and think, what if we didn’t have any water to drink. Save Water Now.”

56. “If you let the water run in the sink, your life’s on the brink!”

57. Water is more precious than gold. Save it to save yourself.”

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