How RO Water Purifier Works?

Reverse Osmosis

If you have landed here, chances are that you are planning to purchase an RO water purifier. RO water purifiers have become quite common, but not many people are aware about its working. Don’t worry, we have given a detailed explanation of working of RO water purifiers along with all of its key parts. What … Read more

Best Alkaline Water Purifier

Best alkaline water purifier

There are many claims for and against alkaline water. Ayurveda and other studies are in favour of alkaline water while there have been claims that there are no such benefits whatsoever. According to Ayurveda, alkaline water reduces acid in your body. Also, it is believed that it can rectify many ailments in human body. Whatever … Read more

Kent vs Aquaguard: Which One is Better in 2021?

Kent Vs Aquaguard

Both Kent and Aquaguard are one of the most sought-after brands of water purifiers in India. In this article, we will discuss all the key aspects of both the brands such as technologies, performance, design, customer service, price, warranty etc. Note: ‘Aquaguard’ word is usually used for all Eureka Forbes water purifiers. Therefore, in this … Read more

Kent Maxx UV UF Water Purifier Review

Kent Maxx Review

Kent Maxx is a very popular UV water purifier in the Indian market. In this review you will understand all the key features of this water purifier. This water purifier is suitable for water with TDS level of less than 200-300 PPM since it does not have RO installed. It comes with UF + UV purification … Read more

Kent Pearl Water Purifier

Kent Pearl

Kent Pearl water purifier is one of the premium water purifiers from Kent. Its storage capacity is 8 liters and it features RO, UV and UF purification technologies. It features multi stage purification technology that can purify water with up to 2000 ppm TDS level. On top of this, it is also equipped with a … Read more